MELT Method

Using the MELT method, I will teach you how to be pain free.  

About Me:  Leanne Bourassa

I am an Advanced MELT instructor  and certified Stott Pilates instructor.  Shortly after becoming certified in Pilates, I realized that I needed to focus as much on rehab as fitness for clients as many had issues. This is when I discovered MELT.  Through Pilates, MELT Length and Neurostrength techniques, I have seen great progress in my clients. They have improved fitness levels, reduced chronic pain, found better alignment, and even avoided surgery. While MELT length works on hydrating the connective tissue system and re-balancing the nervous system to find better alignment, MELT Strength and Pilates work on maintaining that alignment and improving overall fitness. 

Learning MELT has also given me new insights into the workings of the body and I firmly believe that my MELT training has made be a better instructor overall.  It is the perfect complement to Pilates.  In my opinion, you cannot maximize the benefits of Pilates, or any fitness regimen without adding in MELT. It is the missing link to overall wellness.

I continue to advance both my MELT and Pilates educations in order to benefit my clients and help them achieve their goals.  I am comfortable working with clients of all ages and fitness levels.   To me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping a client reduce chronic pain and achieve overall well-being.

What is MELT?

The MELT method is a simple self treatment where we use small balls and a soft foam roller to hydrate your connective tissue, rebalance your nervous system and help you prevent, reduce and even eliminate chronic pain.  Strong and fit does not have to mean stiff an sore.   Aging does not have to mean aching.  The results are phenomenal! Anyone can do it, no matter what age or state of health.  You feel results after the first session.  

In MELT neurostrength we take MELT to the next level and work on the neurological mechanism to get your muscles to fire in correct timing and rid you of compensatory patterns so you are moving more efficiently and accurately. When you body is aligned, you have less compression, less inflammation and less pain.  Adding in MELT to a healthy diet and regular exercise can make lasting positive changes so you can continue being active without pain.

Services - MELT & Pilates

I teach one-on-one and group sessions in MELT,  MELT Neurotrength and Pilates at Equilibrium Studio in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, MI . I am happy to do private MELT intro workshops for groups of up to 15 and love to combine the two methods for an excellent balanced workout that will show results without the pain. All ages and levels of fitness welcome.  
If you  have a venue or corporate wellness program where you would like to offer a MELT Intro workshop or series, please contact me and we can discuss the options.  

How to Book 

To book a private session call  equilibrium studio.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


Hi Leanne,

I know you're always looking for testimonials so I had to share my recent experience.  I drove to Maine and back and then 4 days later I flew to Seattle and back.  I had no circulation problems in my legs as I've had in the past.  I attribute the difference to MELT.  I continue to do MELT 3-4 times per week.  I took the MELT ball with me on my trips so I could stimulate some circulation through the MELT footwork.  I did wear compression socks, but I have before and still had issues.  It was 15 months ago that my doctor said my days of flying across the country were over.  Not true, thanks to MELT!

Pam L,  July 2016

Hi Leanne-
I'm totally amazed with MELT!!!  My husband and I just did our hands and feet! We can't wait to see our improvements tomorrow. I am literally walking with about 75% less pain in my feet!!!!!!! I could cry... I have been so worried about them, especially now that I am pregnant. Do you think it would help someone with trigger finger? If so, I have an interested client for you! I think I will also need to get a set for my parents. My mom is a nurse and will absolutely love it- she has a neuroma in her foot right now. I think my dad would even try it for his scar tissue in his legs. He is a golfer too and would do just about anything to improve his game. ;)
Absolutely amazing!!!! I can't thank you enough!!!

Kindergarten Teacher, Michigan

Hi Leanne ! 
 I can not thank you enough for your workshops and introducing me to what has seriously taken me out of a prison that I thought was a life sentence. Always having pain in my mid back , shoulder and neck area was something I thought was my prison to have a double S curve( scoliosis)  in my spine, I was accepting the fact I was a " little off" . But MELT had  melted away the bars to that jail. I feel free of pain, I am able to move into "real" extension I am able to swim, run, bike better and best of all with out any pain. My golf game has changed ( I'm out driving my father and brother.  I'm not sharing the secret yet with them ;) . I love being active and  Melt not only has  improved all my activities, but I'm not paying for it later on that night or the next morning .  Thank you thank you thank you .   
Best wishes , 
Pilates Instructor, Michigan

Hi Leanne,
I cannot believe the difference in my hips.  I've never experienced a change that was so quick and long lasting in any physio, chiro or massage work I've had done.  I was happy to give it a try, expecting a bit of relief, but really, I'm blown away.
Ruby, Counsellor, Vancouver, BC Canada


Thank you very much for bringing this class to West Bloomfield, and an even bigger thank you for helping me individually.  I can go wrong in so many ways!  It is amazing though--today my hip, waist, and right "haunch" were killing me.  So I got down on the floor with my MELT roller, and 10 minutes later, my pain was so dramatically reduced that I went to the gym for a 75-minute workout.  I can't believe I can do this for myself without a chiropractor or a physical therapist or someone waving chicken bones around my head.  I'm one lucky and happy woman.

Susan L.  West Bloomfield, Michigan

The MELT Method - Feel Better
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